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Our Church

New Life Pentecostal Church was founded over 30 years ago by our Pastors, Dan & Corenna Rideout, along with their 2 children. The Rideout family moved from New Brunswick in April of 1991 to the humble beginnings of New Life Pentecostal Church. The Rideouts remain the pastors of New Life Pentecostal Church today. They have enjoyed watching the church develop and grow into the church that it is today. They have personally watched everyone who is presently at New Life come through our doors for the first time.


New Life Pentecostal Church is a missions minded church, each month sponsoring missionaries both at home and in foreign countries.


New Life is a multicultural church where people from many different cultures and backgrounds gather to worship and serve God. On any given Sunday you should expect to see people of different nationalities with their hands raised to God in genuine worship.


We are truly blessed to have such hard working and committed ministers and congregation at New Life Pentecostal Church.

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